Empowering Women to Live a Life of TransHERmation

Living A Purposeful & Powerful Life Despite All You've Been Through


“Skill unlocks the door, but character opens the door.”


My name is Lakeea Kelly, and I am the author of TransHERmation:  How God Can Take Everything You’ve Been Through and Transform You for His Glory.


I am a certified Life Coach, with a bachelor’s degree in Family Life Education from Spring Arbor University, and a master’s degree in Psychology with an Emphasis in Life Coaching from Grand Canyon University (GCU).


I have a Christian Counseling certificate from GCU.  My passion is to empower women to discover their gifts, talents and skills so that she can live a purposeful - God-designed authentic life. 

TransHERmation was birthed from my own experiences of overcoming depression, rejection, abandonment, soul ties and low self-esteem.

God took me on a journey of discovering more of who I am and who He created me to be.  In turn, He placed a passion on the inside of me to help other women become healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically so that she can be effective as an entrepreneur or leader in her chosen field.

I believe that in order to be effective in your purpose, you must be healthy in every area of your life.


"To help women, transform their lives from the inside so that she outwardly expresses her God-given purpose and talent(s) with courage, boldness and authenticity in her chosen business, profession or career.


This woman knows  that she possesses the poise and grace to maximize her purpose through mulitiple gifts and talents.


As a visionary and coach, I empower and impart into her the boldness and courage that she needs to step out and move forward.


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